That’s a wrap!

I can’t believe Spring 2019 is already over. It’s been a mind-enriching semester full of new experiences, new friendships, and of course challenges.

The Berkeley Haas program is unique in a lot of ways. The courses at Haas offer you new insights into emerging technologies, fintech, high-tech marketing, and managerial decision-making, all that within the context of the Silicon Valley. Most of the time, you will be busy writing essays, reports, and reflections. I recommend you to get into the habit of writing, as you will be doing lots of writing, but rest assured, professors are always more than willing to help you. The best part of classes are the guest lectures. It’s a great way to get a deeper understanding of the current technology landscape. Also, guest speaker series are a great way to network with industry experts who demonstrate years of work experience in Silicon Valley.

Next, the company visits! We visited quite a lot of different companies, from well-recognized tech giants like Google and Facebook, to new firms like Ripple and Kong. Other companies include LinkedIn, Capgemini, Bloomberg Beta, Ripple, and PayPal. Site visits are a great opportunity to directly connect with industry experts from the Silicon Valley. I highly recommend you to talk to them and learn about their background. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Curiosity sparks the most interesting conversations 😉

Lastly, the people! BHGAP is not just about academics and the Bay Area culture. To me BHGAP is also about the wonderful people you’ll meet from across the globe who are passionate about leaving a legacy in this world. I have met some of the kindest, smartest, and funniest people. We grew closer through getaways, dinners, late night study sessions, and deep conversations. We might be different in a lot of ways, but we all bonded over our common interest to learn more about the innovative culture here in the Bay and our desire to expand our cultural horizon. It was hard saying goodbye to them at the closing ceremony…

BHGAP was truly a transformative experience, just as our program coordinators mentioned at orientation. Thinking back to how the past few months unfolded, I can say that I’ve become more open, more proactive, more comfortable in the unknown, and more curious about the world around me. I will miss Berkeley, the people, the food, the challenges, and the daily doses of happiness.


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