Life at I-House

It was probably one of the best decisions I had made in preparation for my trip to the US. Living at the International House at UC Berkeley is truly magical!

It’s my first time experiencing how it’s like to share a room with someone. Thankfully, my lovely roommate from the Netherlands and I get along very well. One of my favorite places at I-House is the library. It’s a beautifully furnished, calm, and shaded place which reminds me a lot of Hogwarts! The I-House café is the place to go if you crave freshly brewed coffee and warm sandwiches and waffles ( I highly recommend the grilled chicken sandwich ;D).

The best part of I-House, however, is the dining hall! This is the place where I’ve met all of my closest friends. Aside from the tasty food, you get to meet people from all over the world. I always look forward to breakfast, lunch, and dinner because I know every meal comes with an insightful and thought-provoking conversation. I had great chats about culture, politics, technology, and the pursuit of happiness.

Next up is the multitude of events taking place during the semester. From weekly coffee hours and country-themed dinners to resident-led workshops and parties, I-House offers many activities for you to engage in. My favorite event was the boat party! With great food, great people, a breath-taking night view of the city of Alameda, it was surely the highlight of the semester for most of us I-House residents.

I am so glad I chose I-House as my first home in the US because I found my home away from home!

Until next time!

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