Featured Course: Decision Making

I’m back with another update! This time I will talk about one of the BHGAP courses offered this Spring 2019 semester.

One of my favorite classes has come to end, Decision Making taught by professor Barry Schwartz. At the beginning of the semester, I had no idea that this course would reveal so many of the mental biases that sway our decision making in daily life. In the past few weeks, my fellow BHGAP students and I have learned how to avoid common biases in our decision making, how people tend to mispredict their happiness, and how managers all make predictable mental errors. It was a mind-opening and thought-provoking class with great energy! Thank you Barry!

Lastly, let me share with you my favorite quote from this class:

“Settle for a choice that meets your core requirements rather than searching for the elusive ‘best.’ Then stop thinking about it.” – by Barry Schwartz, The Tyranny of Choice

Sometimes, we get too caught up into thinking we have to find the absolute best choice in life in order to lead a satisfying life. Often enough, a satisfying choice can bring more joy in life and save us previous time for other things that we may feel passionate about.

See you soon! Go bears!

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