First month in Berkeley

Welcome back! It’s about time for a quick recap of my first month at UC Berkeley as a BHGAP student, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and continue reading!

So far, I’ve been truly enjoying all of my BHGAP courses (see the full list here). I did notice a huge difference between the way courses are taught here at Cal and courses at my home university. At TU Munich, class sizes tend to be bigger, which makes it more difficult to allow deep dive discussions and interactions with the professors. The BHGAP classes are much smaller with around 20-30 students per class. I appreciate how we’re able to receive much more individualized attention this way and get more chances to talk to our professors. Also, the class and case discussions are the most valuable part of the Berkeley Haas learning experience because they stimulate analytical and creative thinking. I still remember our BHGAP co-director Alex Budak encouraged us to act like a peer in the classroom, not like a consumer. Being a peer means co-producing learning instead of merely consuming it!

Aside from the courses, BHGAP also allows you to visit companies around the Bay Area. The most interesting company so far has been DocuSign which provides electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services.

Last week, we also had a guest lecture on Artificial Intelligence by Matthew Stepka, who is an Executive-in-Residence Visiting Scholar at Berkeley Haas. The four insights from his talk were: AI is…

  • real now.
  • teaching computers rather than programming.
  • not magic.
  • a mirror to humanity.

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!


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